zase pomoc s větou

3.12.2016 15:07 HuckFinn odpovědět
BAIL AND POLICE BOND: Bail is an agreement between the accused ( including his sureties) and the court that the accused will pay a certain sum of money fixed by the court if the accused fails to attend the trial on a certain date. This is only given by Court.

A police bond is similar to bail in that the effect is almost the same. However, under a police bond, the police officer in charge of a police station has power to release a person taken into custody without a warrant if it is not practicable to take that person to court within 48 hours of arrest. This is given by the police officer in charge of a police station.
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Ahoj poradí někdo jak tohle přeložit? You're worried about little Police Bonds against me. Dostal zákaz přibléžení a hádá se s policajtama.

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