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Verze pro Star Trek TMP Warp Re-Edit (2010) - deLimited Productions Fanedit - Anamorphic HD Master (AVC + AC3) Další verze
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There are presently three versions of Star Trek - The Motion Picture (TMP): the original 1979 theatrical cut, the 1983 TV cut, and the 2001 Director's Edition. All three are brought to bear in this version of the movie, but with entirely new shots, cutting and reorganization throughout. This special version of TMP is the first to combine the superior image of the Blu-ray theatrical cut with the superior audio mix of the Director's cut. The result is an exciting, high-quality re-vision of the first Star Trek feature film, 30 years later.


- At 113 minutes, this fanedit presents a much shorter running time, one that is more consistent with the sequels.

- This fanedit corrects and improves the audio synchronization for voices, events and shot cues. In some cases, brand new cues are employed.

- This fanedit is presently the cleanest version of TMP available. Thousands of scratches, spots, matte lines, and other artifacts have been digitially removed from select frames. This is in addition to all the restorations by Paramount for the Blu-ray release. For example, the plasma energy probe scene is still in terrible shape (Paramount did little there), but the shots in this fanedit are noticeably cleaner.

- Several shots have been motion stabilized or corrected for framing errors. Many of the shots in this movie are visibly shaky, but the most offensive cases have been corrected, such as the shots of Ilia-probe looking at the view screen and the shots that make up the plasma energy probe sequence.

- Most of the Director's Edition effects from the 2001 DVD are restored in this fanedit, either through rotoscoping (as in the case of interior bridge shots) or simple inter-cutting (as in the case of space exterior shots).

- The center channel track has been filtered for less audible hiss.

- Updated font style for alien text and captions.


+ indicates material added from either the TV cut or the Director's cut.
- indicates cut material unique to the original theatrical release.

[-] Klingon transmission text.

[+] Sulu's, "He wanted her back; he got her" (but without the alien's response). This bit works wonderfully to cue the end of the scene.

[-] Crew members beaming up ahead of McCoy.

[+] Spock's, "More than one million megahertz..." analysis of the intruder's attempted communication.

[+] Decker's and Spock's assesment of why the alien broke off its second attack on the Enterprise.

[-] Kirk snaps at McCoy for trying to stop his interrogation of Spock in sickbay.

[+] McCoy's, "V'ger's saying its creator is a machine."

[+] Decker's, "We all create God in our own image" (audio only). [The source shot was too poor to be edited into the scene, so Decker's utterance is heard off-camera.]

[+] Self-destruct order.

All titles have been recreated from scratch to duplicate the Director's Edition, but with a new starfield effect (courtesy of original creator, greyhoundbloke) and new music that combines pieces from James Horner (Star Trek III) and Jerry Goldsmith (Star Trek V). It was important to me going into this project that the movie open with different music because the original Goldsmith theme is today too strongly associated with The Next Generation series. Goldsmith's original score is still present throughout the movie.

The opening Klingon battle sequence is probably the most reworked. It cuts the Epsilon 9 establishing shots and replaces two of the worst Klingon D7 matte shots. I felt it was easier (and a heck of a lot more fun) to create entirely new shots using photos of models and footage from Star Trek VI than trying to remove visible matte lines. These new shots suffer from false perspective, but this lends to the artificial feel of the original models, which lacked realistic motion.

Spock's opening scene is a full 30 seconds shorter without the Kolinahr preamble. That bit of dialogue sounds like too much hand-holding and is redundant anyway, for McCoy explains the ritual later in the movie. To improve the new shot continuity, the first spoken line now reads, "The final ritual begins." Additionally, this edit presents a new opening shot, which is reworked footage from Star Trek III.

With the exception of Vulcan, the movie takes place entirely in space. Thus, there are no scenes at Starfleet Headquarters in this fanedit. Instead, Captain Kirk makes his grand entrance on the transporter pad of an orbititing space station, en route to the Enterprise. A new space exterior opening shot was created for this scene, using footage from both TMP and Star Trek VI. It shows the newer, enormous spacedock from the sequels and the original models from TMP. [The implications are that the new station is not 100% operational and the small station is soon to be obsolete.]

The original, six-minute Enterprise tour is excessive because we have to endure more of the same fanfare a bit later, when the vessel leaves drydock. I prefer to distribute a more balanced reveal across the two scenes. In this fanedit, Kirk is shuttled directly to the docking port, so the tour is now shorter and strictly port-aft (i.e., we are introduced to the Enterprise's glorious ass). This required a massive reorganization of the shots and music to produce the desired choreography. In some cases, shot continuity is greatly improved in this new version. Enterprise bow shots are plentiful in TMP, and so are introduced in subsequent scenes. Hence, there is much less redundancy.

At 111 seconds, this scene runs considerably shorter. The edit preserves the theatrical version's "heart of the cloud" thread, but it completely removes several other elements. Most notably, the scene does not revisit the events of the Klingon attact which open the movie. Instead, the Epsilon 9 station is shown to be under attack when we cut to the viewer. Kirk is now present throughout the briefing (as he should be), and the viewer is turned off without any interruption to the scene.

The scene cuts McCoy's exit ramblings and ends on a new cue, "Permission granted," at the moment we see the joy in Kirk's face.

Plays out much faster and reduces Chekov's involvement. See the separate blog article, Star Trek De-Wormed for more information about this scene.

The most important change to this sequence is that the carrier approach shots are now split across two scenes. The first shots replace Decker's corridor scene with Ilia; the latter shots appear normally. Additionally, the edit removes Sulu's "Why! It's Mr..." and Decker's confused response to Spock's request.


Note that this is a partial list; there are too many changes to list.

- Removed Kirk's clumsy wink to Chekov. We now see Kirk give Chekov a "Don't get too excited" type of stare.

- Removed McCoy's, "Well, isn't it lucky for you..." comment to Spock. Instead, Kirk now reacts directly to Spock's, "I believe it may hold my answers," showing that he knows Spock well enough to understand the implication.

- Fixed window slip as Kirk and Scotty approach the Enterprise docking port.

- Fixed false shadow used to conceal a support rig as the Enterprise leaves drydock.

- Fixed continuity error associated with Spock's destruction of the console. The plasma probe now repels Spock before he can strike the console, so the console is never damaged. Problem solved?

- Fixed matte movement during a wide shot of the Enterprise approaching the V'ger orifice. [It appears that the matte rig slipped or was bumped during filming.] The shot has been completely reworked and recomposited with a new Enterprise model.

- Fixed shot continuity error in which Spock changes his seating position and posture on the bridge when the shot changes to Kirk walking away from Ilia Probe.

- Fixed armband continuity error in which Spock and McCoy swap jackets in their final shot.

Length : 113 mins
Media format : DVD-5 (single layer)
Dolby Digital 5.1
PAL Anamorphic WS (16:9) MPEG-1/2 H.264
Language(s) : English
Subtitle(s) : English

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